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Hi guys, recently I was chatting with the SG guys on Twitter about WP8 models and decided on the 1020. It was funny hearing the podcast last week from my new phone and the guys talking about me. I'm very happy with the 1020 and glad I didn't go in half way with a 520. It would have been nice but I think as I tried WP7.5 with a 610 last time I tried WP, I ended up going back to Android. I wanted to give WP8 a real try and knew a high end model like the 1020 would give me more joy. And if it didn't work out, at least I had a very nice camera!


Some history here, I had an iPhone 4 for two years with my wife. We liked it but when it was time to renew the contract we knew it wasn't going to be iOS. As nice and simple as it is, we needed more and went with Android. I dabbled with the 610 but everyone was talking about WP8 now and 7.5 was limited. No apps and no extra funds to get another phone at that time. After selling our Note 2 phones, we also knew big screen was nice but not fun to carry around. We picked up some Moto G phones and she uses it now and mine is my back up. Good value phone but missing the high end features.


Slowly I'm learning about WP8 and installing apps. I'm getting comfortable using it daily as my main phone and mostly use all Microsoft services.  I started using them in Android so it wasn't new to me moving over. Really love Xbox Music, Office 365 and One Note. I also picked up on the same day a Xbox One TF edition with controller. Few months ago, a Surface Pro 2 with dock. So, you can say I'm in the Microsoft camp once again after 15 years being in the Apple camp.  I use every platform including Chrome OS to keep up with tech for my job and personal.  I would never be open minded to new tech if I stayed locked into one platform. Tech bloggers and reviewers write about this or that, but until I use it daily, I won't know if I will love it. There's way too many Microsoft bashers out there.


I recently converted the management team at my job to use all Surface Pro's as well.  They were researching their options using an iPad plus keyboard, but quickly learned it was impossible. They saw my Surface Pro 2 and were sold.  So it's not all gloom out there for this tablet!  Some of us use it daily.


Anyway, first post here and looking forward to joining the community and not only just a podcast listener. Thanks.





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