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Lumia 928 And Wlan, Is It Hw Or Sw?


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So I have been a 928 owner for a while now and I just cant get my 928 to like my wifi network! I bought it first off ebay and I though it was a bad device so I sweet talked Verizon into a warranty replacement because my camera would not open (which was true) and it persists.


My main network that I am trying to connect to has 2.4 GHz and 5GHz @ 300Mbps and DHCP is provided by my DC (Win 2K8 R2) and the DNS points to there as well.

My "Public" network is only 2.4GHz @ 150Mbps and DHCP is provided by the router on its VLAN and DNS points directly to OpenDNS and it works flawlessly but my surface is not connected to that network so I cant control plex (even though I have router allowing specific traffic across the VLANs)


Now that im on 8.1, sometimes it likes the main networks but its slow as can be, is this Nokia's drivers or Windows thats causing it?

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What is the manufacturer of hardware you are using?  Any chance to dumb it down a little and hang an access point off of the router and try?  Try all the protocols, security, and channels.

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