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Venue Pro 8 Does Not Start - Now Working Again


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My DVP just went dark after some surfing the web I put it down and I turned of the display with power button like we all do. It would not come back on. After charging for a day and unplugging the power USB still nothing. I had seen on the web some people are having issues with the usb plug and some had even put the cable in backwards blowing the motherboard.


Finally found a post on reboot.pro on this issue.


Hold the power on for at least 10 seconds and release, repeat. After 2 days of frustration I was ready to call Dell but this solution worked.


Enjoy your DVP!!!

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Good to hear you got it going, when I had the venue pro I also notice you had to be careful plugging in the charger into the device. Poor design for sure, It needed a separate charging port. I will be glad when the new USB standard comes out where direction doesn't matter

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