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So, I made the plunge. I will soon have in my hands, a Lumia 925, $199 outright, NEW. I have really wanted to jump into WP for a long time, (I bought my wife a 520 for Xmas that she likes) but have been hesitant. I have been an android phone user for years but am a WP enthusiast. The features in WP 8.1 make me feel like I can finally be satisfied with WP. For me the only items now missing from the platform are a solid podcast app like Pocket Cast and a great Twitter client. I know Tweetium is in the works, so hopefully It isn't far from beta, and not much farther from release so that solves one issue.


I know the hardware is older but it still is the best outside of the 1020, 1520, and Icon (actually the best on Tmobile period) so I am okay with that. The 16GB scares me as I have always had 32gb or expandable memory options but when I broke down all the space I consume today on android it is about 8GB, most apps I rarely use anyway. I used to have an SD card with my music but I find myself listening to xbox music and pandora a lot, and if I can't get wifi I catch up with older podcasts I had downloaded anyway so I think I will be fine. I was going to wait for the new 635 but when I considered I could get the 925's better specs and camera for only about $25 over the expected 635 price, I had to get the 925.


Anyway, I am jacked to soon be one of the WP Geeks Officially!

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