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Wp How Do You Talk To The Internet?


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OK so I have been trying to figure out why I can not put my Lumia 928 on my primary network so I can control plex, every time I connect it to my network (Misaka Network or Misaka Network (High Speed)), this network has a AD domain on, local DNS (not anymore now using my utm for forwarding), IPsec encrypted from PC to PC and all that (this was done a week ago) it will then says it has no internet and will not load anything or does it as slow as possible! So I connected it on my secondary network (Level Upper Network) which as no domain or any thing between it except for my UTM and the gateway and then all is fair!


I have tried to wireshark the secondary network to see its traffic but what do I see? Not 1 packet from its ip address


I attached the unfiltered and filtered by ip screenshot


So how is it talking to the internet because it would not use my DNS and I can't see its traffic

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