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I was wondering if anyone knew an easy way to make a hidden recovery partition for a client PC?


Lately, I've had to fix a few friend's computers due to a virus. The easiest way was to get the data onto a usb drive (scan it using another pc) and then re-install the OS from the recovery partition that the manufacturer made. This returns the OS to it's original condition after they got it home from the store. Then it's just a matter of installing their programs (one friend didn't have anything installed, it was all cloud based (facebook, gmail, etc)) and remove all the crapware, then dump their data.


Does any of the builders out there utilize recovery partitions? It seems like a decent idea, and it does provide an easy recovery method. For home, I usually just pop in the OS disc and start from scratch, but when building a PC for someone else, someone who's likely to mess it up, I'd like a recovery partition.

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