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Iso Number Pad Solution

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Hi everyone,

I hope someone here can help me. I just bought a Surface Pro 2, and am loving it. However, one thing that I need to find a solution to is character codes.  I use dozens of special characters a day, and so typing out character codes is second nature to me (©, ®, °, é, •, etc.) I'm wondering if anyone has a solution for how to type (efficiently) character codes on a Surface, since it does not have a number pad. (For those not familiar with character codes, to type © for example, you would make sure Num Lock is turned on on a standard keyboard, and then hold down Alt and type 0169 using the number pad. This cannot be accomplished using the numbers above the QWERTY keys.) The experts at the Microsoft Store confirmed that I can't type character codes on my Surface keyboard. So I'm looking for some sort of solution. For some bizarre reason, the bluetooth number pads (Microsoft and Logitech) are discontinued and CRAZY expensive (look on Amazon or Ebay, all upwards of $150 or $200 depending on brand). I have a cheap USB number pad, but when I hook it up (to the one coveted USB port), it doesn't work with the SP2.


Most of the time I expect to have my SP2 hooked up to a docking station with a traditional keyboard, but for those times when I'm not (which seems to be more and more, now that I can truly be portable thanks to the SP2), I really need to figure out a work-around.


Thanks in advance,




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A possible solution is to turn on the on-screen keyboard (the one in the Ease of Access Centre) and enable the num-pad there. This works but I've found you need to press an additional number on the num-pad after typing the alt code to get it to work.


For example pressing ALT+2+4+8 followed by 2 should give you the degrees symbol.


Sorry that it's not the most convenient of solutions.

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