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Vail and Drive Letters


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I read that Vail assigns drive letters to each share. Currently I have about 20 different share folders in V1. My shares are split based on permission levels and then on use/content. for example, I have a Music folder which has all the music I want sent out for sharing, and I have a Music In Progress folder which is all the stuff that I still need to clean up before I dump it into my music folder.


How does the drive letters in Vail work? and are we limited to 22 drive letters? (A:, B:, C:, and D: removed)

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Good question. It create drive letters and I am in the process adding folders to see what happens. It takes vail forever to add folders (almost 1.5 min each). Will let you know when I get past 22 to see what happens. I do know it does not show all available space correctly on the shares. It tops out at 5.89T on the shares.

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From a Drive Letter perspective, there are only 26 letters in the alphabet and with ABCD automatically excluded (provided you have an optical drive), 22 mapped drives on the physical server would be it.


One way to beat this "limitation" would be to leave your special music in progress folder inside the current music folder. Share it as "Music_In_Progress" and that share folder would still be available to any client as a single mapped drive.


There is a feature that is available in Aurora that will not be available in Vail and that is DFS (Distributed File System). DFS is a method to point to shared folders no matter what physical server they are on and present them as one share. For example, you would have your main Aurora server and another server both with numerous custom shares.


You would configure DFS to point to your domain name, in this case lets call it WHS.com (technically called a namespace)and a common name for the shares, lets say "AllToga".


The shares from both servers would be available from a mapping of: \\whs\alltoga


The nice thing about using DFS is the end users does not need to remember server names and shares, just the one path. Permissions that are on each individual share carry over to DFS, so nothing to reconfigure there. You can even do this with a single server, but it must be inside a domain of which Aurora is capable of joining.

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