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Hi everyone,

Like most of you, I got two years unlimited Int'l calling with Skype when I bought my unit. My question is.. Does this work only on the Skype program when used through the Surface Pro 2?.


When I logged into my regular PC and logged into Skype (I only have one account), when I made Int'l calls, my balance was slowly becoming smaller until my call was disconnected and I was asked to purchase more time.


Also, on the Pro 2.. There is the regular Skype program icon and then there is Wifi Skype. Can anyone explain to me what's the point of wifi Skype?. If there is a wifi connection wouldn't you just log in as usual through the regular icon?


Please straighten me out.. Tks, Shawn

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Hi Shawn,


First off - if you bought a Surface Pro 2 from new, then recheck your box as there is a card in there, with a code, that allows you to get your free minutes. I made this mistake too!


Skype WiFi is a bit of a strange product that I haven't quite got to grips with totally yet. What it seems to be able to do islet you tunnel WiFi over hotspots in hotels where you might otherwise be charged to use the WiFi there (IE having to put in a credit card to use their WiFi for an hour or so). I had limited success with this in Premier Inn hotels here in the UK - the Skype WiFi simply detected that that there was access to Skype WiFi, I agreed and pressed a few buttons and then it worked. Great! For an hour... I couldn't then reconnect for some reason. This hotel in particular gives you free WiFi for a half-hour and then you have to pay, so it didn't seem that this was anything to do with the reason why it broke.


I deemed it unreliable and just choose to tether to 4G instead. I have a totally uncapped package for tethering with my provider in the UK so wireless becomes less of an issue for me. It sounds like you travel a lot so I'd encourage you to give it a go and see how you get on.

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