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Managing A Synology Nas From A Surface 2 Tablet


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I am considering purchasing a Surface 2' they look great.

I have a Synology NAS Play, and wondered if the Win 8.1RT will limit what software I may need it download from Synology to fully manage my back ups and media drives?

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?

How have people got on with the RT OS and it's limitations?




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Most NAS devices serve up web pages for management.  So, any web browser would do, and the RT shouldn't introduce any problems there.


If your NAS is such that you would like to login to it at a Linux (or whatever) shell prompt, you'd probably want to do so with telnet or (much better) SSH.  RT doesn't have any built-in SSH clients, but there are several in the Windows Store for purchase.  I haven't found any good free SSH clients for RT.

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I have a disk station 411J -

For managing the disk station, I have had no issues with IE, and logging into Synology DSM to manage, and perform any disk station tasks from my Surface RT. Also browsing and opening files from any of the shares I have works perfectly from my Surface RT. My complaints are that there are no first party apps from Synology. Synology doesn't seem to care about the Win 8.1 modern UI at all.


I have been asking for the Cloud station, and Surveillance station apps since Surface RT launched in October of 2012 with zero success. And honestly just the cloud station app would suffice for me, as that is the most important to me. There doesn't seem to be any plan from Synology to add any apps to the windows app store these in the future either.


Synology does make apps for Windows Phone 8, but clearly the Windows Phone OS is not a priority. An example is the file station app - there is no SSL support for logging into the disk station or viewing files. Why would you even use the app if SSL isn't supported? I requested SSL to be added from Synology 6 months ago but as I expected they haven't done anything.


My Synology disk station is great, and I think they have a great product. However they just don't seem to care about making apps available for the modern UI. That will be a limiting factor of how you can use your Surface 2 with the Synology NAS.





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