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A few months back I upgraded all of my PC's to Office 2013 (coming from Office 2007), I purchased licences mainly because it was cheaper, than the 365 subscription. With the release of Office for iPad, the option of the 365 subscrition has interested me and that lead me to think how many Office 2013 users have Office 2013 because of a Office 365 subscrption? I think 356 is a tough sell for Microsoft because consumers don't understand they they get 5 PC licences, 5 tablet licences, 20GB of OneDrive space for 5 users and 100 min. for skype. In the reviews for Word for iPad on iTunes, people are leaving negitive reviews because they think they have to pay $99.99 just for the iPad Edition, another occation where Microsoft hasn't educated their customers, even though they have a amazing product. 

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I have a subscription this is the second year I have purchased it. Office 365 has a ton of subscribers and it's doing very well, I think that will increase with the iPad release. Having said all this, I have been thinking of not renewing it next year because of the release of the free version on the web and the free version on the Surface. I'm thinking of swapping my 365 subscription for an XBox music subscription. I have a year to think about it.

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I am thinking about getting it for my company. It is becoming more compelling every year.


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In my job I have to sell Office with new computer purchases, 365 being one of the options of course.


Just some observations. If I remember right, Office 365 launched mid 2011 or so, to this day barely anyone ever coming in to buy a computer has ever heard of 365. I can count on one hand the number of people in nearly 3 years who had any clue what Office 365 was. That is a marketing fail.


Second, the initial reaction when explaining Office 365 is always the same, a look of disgust or disinterest in hearing about subscribing to Office, or a software in general. The vast consumer audience just wants Word and that it. Some might want Word and Outlook, once in awhile Word and Excel or Word and Publisher are the customer's priority. But in the end, always Word is in there which makes sense.


By the time I describe the advantages of 365 (after they get past the initial gut reaction of not interested in subscribing to something) they usually buy it, especially college students with the awesome 365 University package deal.


In the end though, no one is excited about buying Office, they treat it's purchase as a necessary evil. Most average customers (who buy a new computer even less often then buy a new car) believe Office comes with the computer, once I explain it's a free trial only they are annoyed they have to shell out for it.


With that said, I have used Office 365 since it's release and been very happy with it. The new iPad apps access already are generating a lot of interest in 365. 2 days in, so far the reaction to 365 for iPad owners is rather positive.

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