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Desktop And Theme Syncing


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Hi All,


I've noticed that the Sync Settings with Skydrive usually only works in one direction between my Surface Pro and desktop.

I have checked on both machines and the settings are identical. If I change the theme on my Surface Pro, my desktop changes within a minute, but if I change the theme on my desktop, the Surface Pro sometimes changes, and sometimes not.  When it does change, it usually takes about an hour, but I have had a (very) few instances where it changed within a minute.

I used to have a Surface RT (and a Surface RT 2), and they both changed right away, no matter what machine I would do the original change on.

Has anybody else come across this problem?

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I have two tablets (Nokia 2520, Surface RT) a desktop (Older HP AMD Quadcore) and a laptop (Older HP AMD Dual Core) all running windows 8.1. When I added the Nokia 2520, I was given the choice between taking the settings from the Surface or the Laptop. When I upgraded the desktop from win 7 to win 8.1, I was given the same choice the first time I logged onto the computer. It appears that there can be multiple profiles. Not sure if one is for RT ARM based windows devices and the other is for x64 based windows devices or what. I thought it was interesting at the time. 


Both RT devices seem to stay sync'd pretty well (I based the Nokia off of the surface) and it seems that the desktop is staying sync'd with the laptop (I based the desktop from the laptops settings.) I don't normally go between the laptop and desktop in the same day. I mostly spend time on the two tablets and use them almost exclusively now. The wife and kids use the other machines mainly.


When I have gone between the laptop and desktop, I didn't time it because each machine has certain background processes running when they start up and may or may not have been running on the other device.


So, I have noticed a lag in the sync'ing of the theme's but generally, I haven't paid it much attention. (my background pic is the Bing Search picture.) The accent colors and such mach across all devices.

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That is interesting. I have a laptop I am about to change one drive accounts on. I will have to see what options it gives me.


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