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External Web Cam For Rt


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I can't seem to find an external (via USB) web cam that works with Surface RT.  I am running 8.1.


I have a Logitech C650 but can't seem to get it to work.


Any ideas?  I don't like using the built in cam at the top of the screen.





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Even the Microsoft lifecams won't work :)

I was pretty ticked when I found the MS LifeCam didn't work.

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Gotta love RT, "here is this kind sorta okay os that will work with none of your current peripherals, even MS produced one's... Enjoy!"

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I'm sure getting webcams drivers built into a tablet was not on their priority list considering it has a built in webcam

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True but, the quality of the built in cams for the Surface RT were mediocre.




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Yeah that is understandable because of that. The question would be how many people really think the quality is bad. I'm sure there are plenty that just dont care

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