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Surface 2 Lte


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My complaints are few concerning the 2520:

  • Screen is a fingerprint magnet
  • No built in stand
  • No full size USB socket (OTG socket which requires a converter)

Now that I have a power keyboard for the 2520, I seldom take the tablet out of the case because of the keyboard. So, my additional complaints are:

  • The combined keyboard, case, tablet is a little bulky.
  • No pocket for carrying accessories like:
    • Flash drive
    • Capacitive touch stylus.
    • Microfiber cloth to wipe off fingerprints.
    • Micro HDMI cable

All of the above things are minor but, I didn't have issues with when I carried around my Surface RT in a sleeve.


However, the positives of the 2520 are:

  • Battery life
  • Screen brightness
  • performance
  • 4G LTE (always connected)
  • Power keyboard
    • Extra battery
    • keyboard feel (easier to tell what keys you are on, without looking, compared to the Surface Type keyboards)
    • Quieter than the Surface Type Keyboards (less clicky)
    • Dual full size USB 2.0 ports
  • NFC
  • Nokia Apps (Not sure if only Nokia Maps is the only app that is shared for free now)
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Can you imagine if the keyboard had been backlit. One can dream


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Now that I have an updated surface type 2 keyboard, I miss it when I switch between my surface and my 2520. Definitely not a deal breaker.



Not sure what the issue was that neither Nokia or MS were unable to figure out how to do the backlit/power keyboards.

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Hard to justify given the price with the 2520 out there, I was hoping to see some kind of a deal with AT&T and nothing today. 

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I wonder what the 'Next' pricing is on it. With the 2520 its $25 for 20months. So basically interest financing.


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I am not sure what deals the Microsoft Store is running, but at Best Buy you can add the Surface 2 4G LTE to your ATT account and get $100 off with a two year contract. ATT will also give you a $100 bill credit for adding a new line to you account.


If you are needing a new ATT smartphone, Best Buy will also give you another $100 off the tablet if you purchase both devices at the same time. (With two year activation on both devices.)


So you could pay $479 in store and get another $100 off your bill making the Surface $379 for the whole deal.

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Surface 2 LTE is in hand. Apparently, I was the first person to get one from my local store. I put my AT&T SIM (originally assigned to my 2520) in an everything just worked.


Any questions?

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