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Surface Power Cover Available For Pre-Order


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What, no backlight?  All that battery power and no backlight!


Yes Darren, want to feel this beast hooked up to my Surface Pro 2. 


Wait a minute.  Why are both Type covers listed as .55 pounds?



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Noticed that the picture is that of the back lit type keyboard. (Notice the keyboard dimming buttons.)


Since it has been well covered that the power keyboard will not be back lit, are these buttons going to dim the screen like the Nokia 2520's power keyboard OR will they be remapped for a different feature like the volume controls on the Type 1 keyboards?



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Got my power cover a few days ago...



Few thoughts:

  • No, it is not backlit.
  • It does add a significant amount of weight (little over 1lb). That makes the combo with the surface pro at 3.5lbs. It's all relative of course, 10 years ago my Gateway CX210 tablet weighed over 12 lbs.
  • It seems to be "smart"....in other words, it uses the keyboard battery first...then the surface. It charges the surface first and then the keyboard.
  • I haven't timed how long it takes to charge from 0% (couple hours maybe...so total 4 hours for both).
  • How much does it increase battery life...that depends. From a fresh boot (nothing running) with both batteries fully charged and the screen 1/3 up, windows reports that I have 21 hours remaining. Of course this is silly. Real world I've gone beyond 8 hours.

With all the downsides (weight/cost), still well worth it in my opinion. I didn't have a type cover to begin with...so this feels like a $70 battery upgrade to me. If I had another type cover, I think it would have hurt a little more to spend another $200.  

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