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Icy Dock MB982SPR-2S Dual 2.5” RAID Enclosure


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For the benefit of other readers, software setup is an option but the RAID itself is hardware-based.


I'm using this as my OS drive for WHS 2001 in RAID1 format on matching WD blue 300GB drives. They're advanced format. Does that matter? I know XP requires a special setup utility to get the starting point (or whatever the terminology is) right, but later OS's, including WHS 2011, don't. However, being that the hardware RAID intervenes between the OS and the drive hardware, does the RAID hardware have to be aware of the advanced drive? Or is that transparent to the RAID setup?


Thanks in advance.




No special handling is required and it will work fine on 2011 with advanced format drives and RAID.

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