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Suggested Improvements (Virtual Start Screens,hubs, Tags)


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I realize this is a long post but I am passionate about how Microsoft can make the platform better better.  Getting rid of the hubs will remove one of the greatest differentiator of the platform.  Read the entire post. Suggestions 1-3 are background and explain what is needed to support Suggestion 4.



We often use several apps together based on what we are doing. 

  • Looking at weather I might look at 2-3 apps. 
  • When traveling may look at Weather, Flight Times, World Clock, Maps, Traffic etc


Does anyone remember the application called Virtual Desktop that was used on Windows NT/2000? Today we have multiple monitors, in those days multiple monitors were both expensive and took up a lot of space on the desk (CRT).  Virtual Desktop allowed you to switch between desktops with the click of a button.  I used to organize Work, School etc on each desktop.




All I am sugestion is that the ability to Create User Defined Hubs that sit are on the start screen.

When clicking on the user defined hubs it opens a Virtual Start Screen wiith additional Live Tiles within the Start Screen.



Imagine that on Windows Phone!






How to improve Windows Phone - (Virtual Start Screens)


1.      Date the application was installed - sometimes I install an app and can't remember the app name.  If I were to be able to sort the app list and or sort by date I could easily find the app and pin it to the start screen. 



2.      Ability to assign multiple user defined Tags to an application when installing it or later.  Often I install an application but don't have time to use it right then allowing me to tag an application with try it would allow me to remember to come back to it.  Some apps have different names on different

platforms even between Windows Phone and Windows 8.   I understand that renaming an app loses the app branding but giving this capability would be beneficial. 

  • Problem Solved: I can find the sports app that I can't remember the name of and either launch it or pin it to screen. 


3.      Ability to schedule downloading of apps.  If a download manager for store apps was included it could provide the following functions 

  • Problem Solved: When choosing the install an application is should allow me to choose to download later (manually) or automatically once I connect to Wi-Fi.  This will allow users to only install applications via Wi-Fi but allow them to queue up installations when they find out about an application. 


  • Problem Solved: Ability to Tag an application before it is installed would ensure that I could find application that I wanted to check out at a later time.


4.      User Defined Hubs such as people and or game hubs.  Instead of it simply being a folder like Nokia Folders, clicking on the the User defined Hub should bring up a Virtual Start Screen.


User defined Hubs 

  • Comprized of applications with the same Tag (see explanation above for explanation on Tags) 
  • Applications should be able to be in more than 1 hub.


  • Items within User defined hub should support the following views when clicking on the virtual start screen

1.  Should support having a single application appear on the Normal (TOP Level) Start Screen

2. Cycling through all the live tiles within the hub and displaying it on the Normal (TOP Level) start screen for a configurable amount of seconds.  The order it should cycle should be controlled by the order of the tiles. 

3. Ability to manually refresh live tiles within the Custom hubs 



Live Tiles within the User definied hub- (Virtual Start Screens)

  • Be updated when a user selects a hub or already be updated if it is one of the limited application that is allowed to run within the background. Once a device is 90% and on wifi then update all tiles on an hourly basis.  Once it is removed from power source then only update selected apps.
  • Will be the same size as the hub. (Large Hub=Large Tiles, Small Hub=Small Tiles).  



Example of how to use a  Virtual Start Screen.


1.      Hub for when you travel to show: Flight Schedule/Delays, Weather, World Clock etc.  All you have to do is pull that hub up when you need that information. 

2.      Hub for when you are at home (based on GPS coordinates)

3.      Hub for when  you are at work (based on GPS coordinates) 

4.      Hub for when you are traveling based on GPS coordinates. 





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I like some of your ideas. However for me it just boils down to getting Devs working on this platform I want to see Apps come and have them work as well on WP as they do on other platforms. I would love to have the phone sync wirelessly to my Win 8 PC.

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