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Manga Studio 5Ex Pen Button Problems


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This site convinced me to get a surface pro to do my cartography. Love it! I use Manga Studio 5ex for most of my work.


Now for my dilemma. 


I picked up the Fujitesu T5000 and am having a hell of a time with setting up the 2 buttons. 


1. I set up my Pen Tablet Properties as follows.

Button 1 Keystroke Ctrl Z (undo) works great.

Button 2 Tablet PC Defined


2. I have the second button set to Tablet Default and with that it should select color picker in Manga, but it doesn't. The modifier key settings in MS says Right click, common, change tool temporarily Eyedropper. Yet, it doesn't work. 


The only way I can get it to work is to go to MS preferences and change Tablet to Tablet PC. Problem is when I do that I loose the ability to use my fingers to zoom!


Any ideas?

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Easy fix!


Generally speaking, you want to set the Preferences to Tablet PC because this ignores the Wintab aka Wacom feel drivers. Those are legacy drivers that aren't needed in newer applications like Manga Studio.


Go into your Modifier Key Settings and select Common Settings. Scroll down to Single Swipe. With "Change tool temporarily" selected, tap Settings. Find Move and tap Hand.


You may have to restart the program for the changes to take effect, but now single finger pan and multi-touch zoom and rotate should work.

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I'm looking through all of the settings under Modifier Key Settings, Common Settings and I do not see a single swipe in the list.

Also when set to Tablet PC and I try to pinch to zoom in and out it just uses the current tool I have selected. 

If I have it set to WinTab it will let me pinch to zoom, but the buttons on my pen do not register Tablet PC Defined in MS.

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I just talked to my friend that is using Manga Studio 5 (I'm using 5ex) and he has the single swipe while mine just has right click, middle click, tail switch but no swipe after that.

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Between the updated and your info I got it working correctly now. Thank you very much. Now back to the scheduled program of cartography.

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