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Handwriting Input Panel Bug


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Just bought a new SP2 and really want it to work for me.


Less than 24 hours after starting to use it, the handwriting input panel started to go crazy and it won't stop after numerous reboots.


Here's what it does: it rapidly and repeatedly, automatically inserts (an "interpreted character into the target app or field) after each stroke of the stylus. The only way to counter this is to not lift the stylus from the glass of the screen. As soon as the stylus lifts between characters, the panel attempts to translate the marks and auto inserts it into the target field or app. What is usually inserted is a slash mark or a parenthesis mark.


This is completely ruining the use of the whole device for me.


Any precedents or fix ideas?



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Just confirmed this is A known bug.


There is a conflict between 1 Password and the panel service of Win 8.1


Uninstalling 1 Password fixes the problem for now.

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