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I also got an Icon off of Blinq last month as well.  I had been watching the prices on ebay for many weeks and found a pretty solid one from them.  It was well worth the $240 as it is in great shape and looks barely used.  (prices seem to be rising recently with the Denim update in effect!)


The Icon is an excellent device for my needs and uses.  I have always wanted a Nokia phone only for their cameras and great smooth UI.  I could not be more happy with getting the Icon now expecially since it has Denim.  I'm not a power or social media user, but simply enjoy having an awesome camera and fast UI at my fingertips on a perfect sized smart phone.  My android tablet now is gathering dust in its stand!   


First thing I did when ordering the phone was to get a case or two ordered.  I had a hard time finding something that would suit my needs and desires.  I do not like anything slippery and had a hard time finding one that was not too thin or bulky with a stiffer rubber back side that didnt have plastic over wraps on it.  Those hybrid cases are nice for protection, but too many are slippery because of the plastic surface of the back side.  I need the phone not to slip off my car seat, desk, or other surface it is on.  I am used to a hard rubber case from my Moto G that worked well for protection and grip in hand and setting on either side of the phone.   


I ended up going with a slightly bulky but super protective case with good grip factor.....Puregear Dualtek.   Only problem is button sensitivity is not good.  Some tape on the inside of the button areas helped quite a bit, but now you loose the 2 stage pushing of the camera button (this is pretty much the same for any case that has the buttons covered it seems).  I was tempted to cut a hole in the camera button and power button, but I can live so far with what I have now until I find otherwise later when I take tons more pictures fishing and other activities in the summer months.  


I have not missed much in apps like I had originally thought I would.  There are a few that i miss from android......1Weather, Honeywell Thermosat, Torque, and Mr. Number just to name the main ones.  You learn to adapt and go with what you got even if you have to pin webpages for some things.  I just wish I could figure out a way to pin pdf's to my start screen now?   


Happy to be on board with windows phone finally !      I remember always going into my local V-store and checking out all the new smart phones in the past year or two.  I would pick them up....check out a few screens and functions on them and make a call to check voice quality.  I was always looking back at the windows phones saying......."man those screens look so clear and nice....and call quality is above par for all the other brands and models.    Now I am rocking down the 3% road and totally satisfied!  


Hope to learn more from the Geeks network with windows phones and especially about users experience with the Icon.    ;)

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My craving for this phone has only increased with your post. Two big problems for me... I have T-Mobile and there is no 64GB model!

I picked one up a month ago from BLINQ.COM off of their ebay store and I am very pleased with the purchased. It is too bad it is not being offered directly from Verizon currently since it is the best

Day 2 with my 2nd Icon. This time on Denim.  I look forward to sharing more about it as I'm enjoying it much more this time.  

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Dave,  I was so excited to see you got one again after watching the last 2 SG podcasts.  I look forward to hearing about your experience now with Denim in comparison, but also just any info about the phone and windows apps in general.  


It was cool to see both you and John using a windows phone again. I appreciate all the tips and info you guys offer.  Much thanks to John for the tip off on the SysApp Pusher!  

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