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Screen Protectors, Stylus, & Power Cover?


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Hello everyone! 

Did some research and decided to purchase a surface pro 2 over a cintiq companion. I wanted something portable and more casual and I'm hoping this will fulfill my needs. Hopefully will arrive in a day or two :)!

Sorry if this seems like a silly question, but I'm assuming everyone puts a screen protector on their Surface. Is the screen easily prone to scratches using the included stylus? Any recommendations on which ones I should look out for since there are so many? I noticed the Microsoft store sells the privacy and self-healing incipios. Are there any that would somehow interfere with the sensitivity to the stylus input...?

Any chance that...an old wacom graphire 3 tablet pen would work with these guys, what exactly makes the pen compatible? The driver? 

I didn't buy a keyboard with mine yet but I was leaning towards the type cover 2, since I really didn't like the lack of actual keys on the touch cover. I heard that they will be releasing a "power cover"? Which is suppose to help with battery life, how bad/good is the battery life at the moment? Any of you looking to invest in one? $199.00 is pretty steep. 

Apologies, I know it's a lot of questions, but I appreciate any input!


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I have not used a screen protector but use the stylus maybe 30% of the time. I don't have obvious scratches however I am not particular and to be honest have poor eyesight. As far as touch vs type. I would get the type cover. My wife has it and I get in trouble borrowing hers. I haven't seen a release date on the power cover, yet. I would check on amazon and see, if you can get a type cover cheap. Test your battery life on your pro2. If you need more you can always purchase the power cover at a later date. Not sure if this is helpful or not?


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Welcome @Newbie! I try to answer a lot of your types of questions over at SurfaceProArtist.com. Please stop by and have a look.


I don't use a screen protector myself. I find they're hard to adhere perfectly. A blog reader who didn't like one sold by Microsoft because it was too sticky recently purchased the Moko screen protector from Amazon. Here's what he wrote:


The directions on the product itself are basic, however one key point is covered in the product reviews on Amazon - apply in a humid location, such as the bathroom after the hot shower has been running awhile. If a stray dust particle does get under the sheet - it's not a big concern as you just peel up the sheet to remove it, then reapply.


The friction I received with  the pen tip on the surface was immediately noticeable.  I feel it has a bit more than the Cintiq surface, but not so much to hamper my pen strokes. I was actually in the middle of a single panel from the night before, and found drawing the second half come more naturally. This was with both the Bamboo feel & Surface Pro pen. 

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A Wacom tablet pen won't work on the Surface Pro. You need to find pens that were designed specifically for tablet pc's. I've tested and reviewed about ten replacement options so far.


The exact specs for the power cover haven't been released but they should increase battery life a few hours. The SP2 should get about 6 hours. It's hard to be exact because power consumption depends on your power settings.


I definitely recommend a keyboard cover, but for art you should also consider a bluetooth keyboard so you can continue to access keyboard shortcuts as you draw.


Hope that helps!

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Hey thanks everyone for the input!

@alaskanjackson Haha alrighty! I will pick up the type cover :)

@surfaceproartist Hello! Yes! I explored the website and it was super helpful in helping me make my decision. I read somewhere else that someone bought an old wacom stylus to use with theirs, not sure how that worked out. I'll most likely pick up the Fujitsu t-5000. 

Thanks for the recommendation on the screen protector, I wasn't sure if it was a basic accessory to put on since I used the Adonit Jot products on my iPad before and it would easily leave scratches on my screen protector.

A few more questions...
Do all these other digitizer/stylus options use wacom nibs as well? I read that most can be interchangeable but I also remember reading a snippet somewhere that they can't, unless they meant a certain one couldn't.

Sorry if this should be saved for the corresponding thread..., but I plan to try using the Artdock for SAI, do I lose palm rejection when using that applet?

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When I first bought my Surface Pro, I got myself a Zagg InvisiShield, along with a Bamboo Feel Stylus, which had a felt tip. Now with the origianl stylus that came with the Surface Pro, it sticks to the screen protector and is extremely hard to actually draw anything. But with the Bamboo Feel stylus, the felt tip glides over the screen protector very smoothly. It is still very hard to produce lines of consistent widths and opacity, but with proper adjustments (such as the one that you can find in Clip Studio Paint), this problem can be overcome.

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@Elsie Thanks for your input! I just installed the artdock and am playing around with the stylus it came with. I'm hearing that it makes a huge difference to get a new stylus, so I will look into it. Do the other styluses such as the Bamboo have increased levels of pressure sensitivity? 

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I don't think other styluses have increased levels of sensitivity. It's all because the mode of input is limited by the Surface Pro. Though in some cases, such as when you are using the S-Pen from Samsung Galaxy, you can notice that the maximum pressure is half of what the Wacom driver allows, which gives you an indication that the levels of pressure was limited by the S-Pen.


If you want, you can always calibrate the pressure with tools such as LazyNezumi. Alternatively, you can also calibrate it in-app if the software allows such calibrations to be made.

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