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Bsod On Factory Reset / Tegra Drivers


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Hello All,

Not sure if anyone else has had this issue but it has been a problem with my Surface 2 for many weeks. There's a good discussion on MS support forum which goes into the details on the issue but to summarize the problem is upon performing a factory hard reset of the Surface 2 device, the user (ME) would obtain Blue Screen of Death (Page Fault in Nonpaged Area...  with sad face). Once the device does finally reset after a long press on the power key, the device will not update properly with drivers..  This may be a simplified summary but I'm user of this tech not an expert in how or why it doesn't work.
Here's a link to the MS Support Discussion..


Anyways... I was never able to get a fresh clean reset without a BSOD. I've often had issues that ranged from short battery life, the device not wanting to wake up, printers not working....  All and all not good but I plugged on using the device because I like the form factor.   


Last night while giving presentation to a local group of about 140 people, I had a new issue pop up regarding the wireless Bluetooth adapter to the typing cover.  It's always worked OK in the past but when I went to use it last night, only the track pad would work and all other keys were unresponsive....  Ugh...  I tried to re-pair the Bluetooth device before event several times but the pairing process gave a "driver error". Luckily I found the issue before I started the presentation...


This morning I spoke with MS support about the driver error in the Bluetooth adapter.  The Tech support rep instructed me to factory reset the device to fix the driver error.  I informed him about my BSOD plight of many factory resets and was finally issued the OK for a replacement device.


From what I have learned, performing a factory reset may open a new can of worms... Has anyone else had a similar experience?




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I don't share your experience but have heard of the issue numerous times. Others had theirs replaced as well.


Too bad they haven't been able to eliminate BSOD's. Hopefully it was more meaningful than in the past.


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I've received the replacement Surface 2 from Microsoft and all appears well.  I made sure both the old and the new device had the latest and greatest updates before gathering the data below.  I looked at 6 drivers comparing the old vs new device.  As you can see, all six drivers were outdated on the old Surface 2.  Also, after gathering this data, I did perform one final factory reset on the old Surface 2 and received yet another BSOD...


NVIDIA Terga 4 Drivers (shows Version & Date)

Display X.2672 8/13/2013
Power Management X.2704 8/30/2013
Secure Channel X.2669 8/13/2013
Secure Engine X.2669 8/13/2013
Audio Control X.2674 8/14/2013
Memory Control X.2669 8/13/2013

Display X.2767 11/9/2013
Power Management X.2757 10/23/2013
Secure Channel X.2757 10/23/2013
Secure Engine X.2757 10/23/2013
Audio Control X.2774 11/26/2013
Memory Control X.2757 10/23/2013

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I have been dealing with the exact same issue(s) for the past few days now. I am working on deploying a number of these devices to a smaller workforce in the field but it is important they function. One particular device gives me a BS whenever i have tried to refresh it, being this is a project I am testing the snot out of every thing related to every device.  I am now working with MS to see about an RMA but they make you jump through some crazy hoops.

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