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Windows Phone 8 And Home Automation


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I love my Windows phones and have not had a concern about apps. I have always been able to find apps that I have needed. Home automation is a hot trend, there are lots of new products coming out and although it's in its infancy infrastructure camps are already getting established. Sonos, Nest and Smartthings are favorites of mine, but there are no Windows phone apps for any of them. There is a third-party app for Sonos, it works well. People have written apps for Nest, but they keep getting knocked off the store. A key function the home automation is the reporting, being able to send alerts to your phone. I find Windows phone users to be tech enthusiasts and a high concentration of Windows phone users will play with home automation products. I think this is an area where Windows phone needs to bet big and really work with home automation providers to have broad coverage of Windows phone apps for their products.

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I´m really glad that Home Automation starting to evolve. But I´m quite concern about what´s out there and how closed their solutions is. I think that it is only Philips who doing this the right way with Philips Hue. The bridge has an open REST API that any developer can use. My friend use this product, and he has even connected his Logitech Harmony remote to control the lights, for ex: clicking on the options “Watch movie” and the TV switches to right input and so on. But when you click on this options, the lights in the living room is also dimmed down to a level that’s right for watching movies.


When a company releases a new OS, mobile or desktop, a big part of the release is also about how developer can create apps. Let´s face it, it is the developers who takes the platform/solution to the next level. Win the developers heart and snowball is now rolling down the hill.


Belkin WeMo is really interesting, it offers light bulbs, wall switches, sensors and even “food cooking machines” (well, soon http://www.belkin.com/us/Products/home-automation/c/wemo-home-automation/ ). If you only thinking of using WeMo with your Android or iPhone, maybe it would be a good solution. But what they offers as a SDK is not anything impressive and I don’t think that this solution won´t win.


But thing bigger, when home automation starting to grow and more products is showed off from new company, how will that be?


Will we haft to relay on the company to deliver apps for the platform that they deiced to focus on? And will we have an app for every new product that we buy?


What if they would share Philips way of doing it, using open standards and allowing developer to take full control, in a secure way of course.


Maybe we will have new products, similar to Logitech Harmony remotes and TV´s, but products and companies that has it eyes on supporting new products that fits in the picture of home automation, that´s actually is our bridge to our fully automated home.

When we are close to something like that, then home automation will grow fast. That´s what I belive.

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Check out haforums.com 

I agree with your concern about open systems. Look at smartthings.com I like their approach as well.

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