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Hp Marketing W7 Over W8


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Originally read: http://www.techradar.com/news/software/operating-systems/hp-is-giving-the-people-what-they-apparently-want-new-windows-7-pcs-1216998?src=rss&attr=all


Verified on HP website, front page.


It just feels like a major middle finger to Microsoft. It is fine IMO to offer it as a configuration option as an alternative to W8.1 default, but to be actively marketing W7 and pushing it is kind of amazing to me. OEM's revolted against RT, and have openly been critical of W8 but to go this far and revolt against W8 totally is shocking. I don't know where HP ranks on the ladder of Microsoft Partners but they have to be up there, maybe top three? Redmond must be fuming over this. You know how people are comparing W8 to Vista, well maybe Vista is the one that should be offended....

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