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Your favorite moments in the podcast or WHS technology in 2009


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Here are a few of mine.

Show 28...First show of 2009 and the first time John, Chris and I were all on the show (I think). Dave also announces that he had started using twitter. The EX485 and EX487 were announced. It took us 5 months to get back on the show.
Shows 29 - 31...Dave at CES!
Show 41...After this show, Dave takes a month off for the birth of his child.
Show 42...I joined Dave for the first time as a regular co-host. The show was never the same. The show was only 45 minutes that week! Might have been long for the day, but short compared to what they have become.
Show 45...Chris and John joined Dave and I for the first time. We never do first feed again!
Show 46...the add-in challenge and Dave debuts the newest into theme for the show.
Show 47...Dave is an MVP as well as burning his ioSafe for us all to see.
Show 49...We started talking about Antivirus and have never stopped!
Show 50...PP3 is first announced. How long would we talk about this? That show went 50 minutes (maybe the start of the long format?) Dave does outtakes for the first time. John says "oh, is a mesquitoe"
Show 51...July 29th Microsoft stock cost $23.80
Show 52...Show goes 55 minutes...a foreshadowing of things to come?
Show 53...Dave does the show without the trio and makes a small change to the show intro! The guys come back but the change to the intro sticks. Only 18 minutes of show!
Show 55...We discover that I am not good at getting deals. I pay too much for both the ioSafe and his Palm Pre. AJ joins the team as a special guest and to cover CEDIA.
Show 57...Jim intros the show for the first time! It starts a trend. The forums debut on the show but Dave changes them later. Unboxing gets made fun of as well as outtakes of me!
Show 58...breaks the hour barrier. Dave has 5 guests on the show!
Show 59...Chris intros the show and Dave makes and attempt to make fun of the guys with special names!
Show 60...John intros the show and I join from San Francisco during Oracle OpenWorld. AJ gets back on the show.
Show 61...My favorite show of 2009. Dave didn't want to record a show that night. We did it without him.
Show 63...goes 95 minutes! Did you listen to the entire thing?
Show 64...the current forums make their debut
Show 67...the famous outtake from John, "I can see my shoes!" Chris installs PP3 on the show and we announce our plans for CES!

Those are a few of mine. What a year it has been. How about you?

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Great list Jim.

I don't recall what episode it was but my oldest boy came over to my desk and asked a question and I told him that "daddy was trying to make a podcast!"

I enjoy Diehard's outtakes. He always seems to have something funny to tell us before we start recording. We have talked about creating a second podcast that would be nothing but our chit-chat before and after we record the show. We tend to be a little looser and a little less PC if you know what i mean.

I also enjoy the interviews. I don't like scheduling them though! I have so little time as it is but I really enjoy talking with people.

The milestones I enjoyed was the new website format and the launch of the forums.

I'll never forget the burning of the ioSafe drive and interviewing the CEO of ioSafe afterwards. That was fun!

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