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Disc Space Vanishing


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Hoping this is the right place to post this.


I have a Dell Venue Pro with the 32gb. After installing office I have 7.6gb. I also have a 64gb sdcard which through disk management I have it so I can install programs and such.


Here is the issue. I am using Tivo Desktop ToGo which converts Tivo recording to be viewed on portable devices. I the file going to the SD card. I also download podscout which is a podcast app. I have about 8 podcast I subscribe to but only download 1 episode.


It seems when I have these running, my 7.6gb of space goes down to 1.5gb.


Seeing how the data is going to the card and knowing the podcast dovnot take up that much space I can not figure out why my space is getting filled up

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I just started using Podscout today. I like how it stores downloaded podcasts in the Music folder. Check there and make sure only (1) episode is stored as expected.


I am betting that Tivo app is storing temp files somewhere. Maybe use a Windows Cleaner app or something to find hidden or large files.


Good luck!

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