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Dell Xps 12


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Finally took the plunge and replaced our old Dell Studio 15 laptop, running Win 7, with a new ultrabook class. 


Our laptop is used by the family, so I wanted something that could still function as a laptop form factor, but could take advantage of the Win8 touch interface if we wanted.  I could not envision touching the screen with a classic laptop clamshell that has a touchscreen.  So filtered search to a hybrid device. 


I also did not want to deal with detachables and have to worry about what to do with the keyboard dock when using the screen as a tablet.  Kids do the "funniest" things, when items are out-of-sight, out-of-mind.  The replacement would be used mostly as laptop.


The choice came down between the Lenovo Yoga 13 vs Dell XPS 12.  Heard a lot of good things about the Yoga and I really liked the orange models, looked sharp.  However I could not get past how the device would be used in tablet mode.  As the keyboard gets folded over, the keys, while disabled, are exposed to your fingers and the elements. 


So, with approval from the finance committee, the choice became the Dell XPS 12, since the screen pivots and folds down over the keyboard.  Saved some money and got the 2012 model, since their isn't much difference between it and the 2013 model. 


First impressions are very good!  Had to upgrade it immediately to 8.1 since it still contained Win8.  After a slight sidetrack needing to get a Dell driver for the trackpad to replace whatever Microsoft had installed for it during the upgrade (right-click button did not work), everything is working great.


Beautiful 1080p display and screen responds smoothly with touch.  Love it, and half the weight of our previous machine.  Looking forward to playing with it more.

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I've got this same machine: XPS 12 with an Core i7 and 8MB ram, 128 ssd.  I bought this machine when it first came out, a year and a half ago.  Had a few bugs when new, but after several updates by Dell this machine runs flawlessly.   It's a great "road machine" for work.  The Keyboard is fantastic; best I've ever used.  It's FAST!  5-6 hrs consistent battery life.  After the work day, fold the screen down and enjoy watching Netflix or playing on the web in tablet mode.  It's also a great machine for doing presentations and lectures: I keep mine in tablet mode to view the slide and flick to the next. Sure it's heavy for a pure tablet like my Dell Latitude 10, but as a real "Work" machine with a little play after work you can't beat these laptop/tablet hybrids.  I couldn't be happier with my purchase. 

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That's great to hear.  I can't help but wonder if Dell is back or were they every out in the first place?  It seems like they are putting out some really good stuff lately.

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