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Microsoft Surface Rt 64Gb Memory Windows 10.6In Tablet $279.99


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Man what a steal! Considering how much I payed for this configuration back in March. Can't help but feel a little ripped off.


On the other hand, I have truly enjoyed my Surface RT 64gb. I planned a trip to Hawaii using IE11 and OneNote. OneNote contained all my electronic receipts and I kept track of all my confirmation numbers for flights, car rentals and hotels on it. and I took it on the trip to Hawaii and uploaded all our digital photos from 3 cameras to it and did photo editing each night using the USB port. We watched movies including downloading "Star Trek: into the Darkness" for the long flight home. It was a great experience watching this on the plane. 


Since I haven't flown since before 911, this was an amazing way to travel with all my digital gadgets and not having to keep track of paper or film containers.


BTW... I never thought I would use skype but, with my Nokia 920, I skyped my daughter (IPod) and showed her some real cool stuff while I was in Hawaii. She thought the video looked pretty great. Helped her feel like she was able to experience Hawaii without having to fly there.

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