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Lumia 521


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So my wife has been rocking an HTC something or another for two and a half years. She isn't as tech needy as I am and while wanting a new phone for about six months has rejected the idea of getting any phone that would include any sort of subsidation that would impact our monthly contract.


I decided to grab the 521 (we all ready have Tmobile) from Amazon today, ($79). I am excited about it. It meets her frugal requirements and gave me a reason to get her something that has been intriguing to me for a while as well (I plan to play with it a lot). She basically just uses her phone for voice and text, never uses the internet. I think it will be just fine.


I look forward to seeing how she transitions to Windows Phone from Android.

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Don't mean to necro if this is dead.


I hope she is happy with the 521. I picked one up to try out Windows Phone 8 some time ago and it works quite well. It is even better now on 8.1 (though, personally, I find that 512MB RAM is limiting). My wife is on iPhone so I can't try the Rooms feature out, but I hear it works well for couples to share even simple things like grocery lists.



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