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Venue 8 Pro Touch Calibration Screwup - Easy Recovery With A Mouse


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Just want to pass this along. Yesterday I managed to completely mess up touch calibration so it was impossible use touch to recover or reset or really do anything. Thought I'd really screwed the pooch but later realized I could just plug in a USB mouse or keyboard with an OTG adapter and get back to the control panel to recalibrate. I used a mouse since that is easier but it might be possible with a keyboard as well, assuming you can log in and get to the desktop then navigate with windows key and tabs. I used the mouse to enter my pin. Hope this helps someone else, and it should work with any windows tablet with a USB port, just as you can navigate any windows machine crudely with only a keyboard if the trackpad stops functioning.


And to prevent getting into the situation be sure to start calibration only in landscape mode; otherwise it is not possible to complete or cancel without changing orientation and corrupting the settings. Even though I clicked cancel at the end to not save the result it somehow still got messed up. Touch seemed to be very hit or miss before the good recalibration, to the point I considered going into the MS store. Calling Dell would use my very last nerve. The prospect of an hour or two of customer disservice on the speakerphone is not anything to do on a normal day.


Finally, I will say this thing is looking useful for my purposes for the $199 price. If I needed to use it to be productive at all the Surface 2 Pro with a Type/Touch cover at 5 times the price would be much more useful.



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