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Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Ordering And Configurations


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I had been excited about the Yoga 2 Pro after seeing it unveiled earlier in the year.  I signed up for email updates and because of this I had a $300 deal from Lenovo for a launch pre-order.  I did not pull the trigger on this because I wanted to wait for reviews to appear before dropping over $1K.  After seeing mostly glowing reviews, I was finally ready to pull the trigger; however, none were in stock and the $300 deal I was initially offered had expired.  Best Buy was also completely out of stock anywhere near me and online. 


So, in mid-November I finally ordered a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro directly from Lenovo's website when I received a $250 deal from them.  The configuration I ordered was 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Haswell i5, and Silver color with an estimated ship date of "4-5 weeks" at the time. 


If anyone else is interested in the Yoga 2 Pro, please note that the ship times are lengthy.  I have not received mine yet and the estimate according to Lenovo is sometime between Christmas and New Year.  Also note that the 8GB RAM configurations have pretty much been removed from Lenovo's website.  The only ones I see now are the 4GB RAM configurations.  When I asked a Lenovo rep about this he said it was in effort to try to meet the overwhelming demand for the product and 4GB RAM configurations were easier to come across. 


I hope I get mine soon and I hope the manufacturing process wasn't rushed (I already know about the issues with true yellow on the display).  Finally I hope they don't try to ship me the 4GB configuration when I ordered and paid for an 8GB version!



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My Lenovo Thinkpad Pro is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I'll post unboxing pics and first impressions over at SurfaceProArtist.com shortly thereafter.

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Oddly, I just received this email regarding my order after posting to Surface Geeks.  I must say Lenovo has been pretty good about communication thus far.  Also, it is positive to see a W8.1 device sell so well.




Thank you for your recent purchase of a Lenovo 2 Pro.

Our planning teams knew this would be a very popular product, but we had no idea we would sell so many so fast. For that, we apologize as our manufacturing lines are struggling to keep up with the demand. Fortunately, all lines are at currently operating at maximum capacity and we are confident your order will arrive in time for Christmas. To help our chances even more, Lenovo has paid to upgrade the shipping to expedited freight on all Yoga Pro 2 orders. This means, your Yoga should arrive on your doorstep 2 to 3 days after it leaves our manufacturing facility.

We will continue to post the most current shipment dates on our Order Status page on Lenovo.com. This can be accessed via the link below.
In the next 24 to 48 hours, the new shipping dates will be updated on our Order Status site:
To monitor the updated shipping date for your Yoga 2 Pro, please click here.


We thank you for your business and appreciate your patience. The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is our biggest seller and we are doing everything possible to keep up with the demand for this new and innovative product.


Lenovo Customer Service
Raleigh, North Carolina

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My Yoga 2 Pro arrived on Dec 23 and luckily I was off work and able to receive/sign for it.  The configuration was as I ordered (i5/8GB/256GB).  Hats off to Lenovo for good communication and delivering ahead of when they estimated.  Also, in regards to a topic on the Surface Geeks podcast 50, they allowed me to pay for an item that was out of stock, gave me a realistic ship date, and delivered on time.  I hope that Microsoft can figure out the same thing with the Surface line.


For some background, my other devices include an old 17" Toshiba laptop (originally came with 2GB of RAM and Vista which I have since updated to 4GB and Windows 7), a Samsung ATIV 500T with Clover Trail running 8.1, and a 1st gen Nexus 7 which I believe runs Kit Kat.


After playing with the Yoga 2 Pro for a few days, I am impressed with performance and battery life.  I do notice the color yellow is not quite right on the display but it does not detract from the other positive things about it.  It was obviously a replacement for the old and pudgy Toshiba laptop, which tops 8lbs.  Therefore, I am going to pass off the Toshiba to the kids (ages 5 and 2) and use the Yoga 2Pro as my daily driver ultrabook and use the 500T as my daily driver tablet.  The odd device out is probably going to be the Nexus 7.


Cheers and happy holidays.

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