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My Toshiba Encore Wt8 Unboxing Video For Surfacegeeks


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Wish list:

I wish the battery could be removed/swapped out - with smaller/heavier options. Also, two USBs should be on here, so folks can charge and have a peripheral without the need for a ton of cabling/adapters. Also, more spacing between the ports - I haven't had any issue myself, but I know some have. Maybe we will see these things in the future, fingers crossed.


I (sort of) wish it had a proprietary charging port. Although annoying to have a specialized charger, it would likely charge quicker. However, a Micro USB for charging and a full size USB for other would rock! Ports haven't been an issue for me, as I will rarely use both.


Speed is very impressive. I think they size let them run it and the bus at a higher speed, maybe. I might run the 3D Mark test to compare with previously captured scores on the Dell and Lenovo. But in the end of the day, it feels faster and more responsive.


My review will post Monday.

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I believe we left Intel drivers and settings untouched for these tests. I can vouch for the Toshiba and Lenovo scores as I ran both tests and did not alter the power savings or performance settings.


Lenovo Miix 2 3DMark (Dewain/JohnTW)

Best Ice Storm Score - Maxed Out

Best Ice Storm Extreme Score - 8762

Best Ice Storm Unlimited Score - 15448


Dell Venue 8 Pro 3DMark (Dewain)

Best Ice Storm Score - Maxed Out

Best Ice Storm Extreme Score - 8786

Best Ice Storm Unlimited Score - 15242


Toshiba Excite 8 3DMark (JohnTW)

Best Ice Storm Score - Maxed Out

Best Ice Storm Extreme Score - 8382

Best Ice Storm Unlimited Score - 14333

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Developers appear to have a choice between using Microsofts inbuilt capture ui which is good for pictures, or a more robust option for allowing users to take videos and so on. The problem is, most apps are going to use the simpler and easier to work with capture class for just photos and its flat broke on the Encore. Locked in portrait mode, I am sure if you have a look around at some of the third party camera apps on the store you will see what I mean.


There is a Google browser benchmark, Octane (Javascript), that would be a good test to run (in Chrome's desktop mode). That is just a pure CPU test and should allow you to compare it to smartphones that use ARM.


Looks as though we are less than two years away from x86 smartphones - goodbye RT - would explain the rumours of MS freemium licensing RT, its basically dead, along with ARM. Intel will reign supreme again haha

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Snap an app on your 8" tablet John and make it as small as it will go, then put your phone next to it.


Is it fair to say that developers are building smartphone apps on the Windows Store today (using 8.1) and most don't even realise it yet? 

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