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On 12/8/2013 at 6:20 PM, semblance said:

Twitch.tv is only for gaming

Twitch Is More Than Just Video Games. Twitch may have begun as a video game streaming service but it's since expanded and now offers a variety of different live streams aimed to appeal to a broader audience.

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    • ArmyHobbit
      By ArmyHobbit
      My buddy and I are in a debate that there has to be another option that makes life easier, that includes getting rid of his old media center. He swears that there is nothing out there that will decrypt cable streams other that a IE tivo or TWC box. I know somebody somewhere has got this beast conquered. Any help would be much appreciated. 
    • Server Grunt
      By Server Grunt
      I am planning to build a small computer to handle TV-related tasks, including:
      • Receive tv-signals (four external usb-cards)
      • Distribute cards (with DVB-link) – 2-4 TV:s and up to 3-mobile units
      • Record tv
      • Clean out commercials
      The capacity of the computer should be such as it can do all these tasks at the same time
      Ideas and pre-requisites
      • Placed in cupboard so it has to run cool – but also quiet (prefer fan less, but ultra quiet is acceptable)
      • SSD for system drive
      • Small/slim form factor
      • Second/storage HDD can be external (usb 3.0)
      • Headless and remotely managed
      Any suggestions on HW and SW appreciated
    • Dave
      By Dave
      I've been getting frustrated with ZumoCast for the iPad and Windows ever since Motorola bought it. They are obviously working on Android more than iOS now which is understood but still a letdown.
      With Zumo I could browse my DVD directory and my converted TV shows directory and transfer files to the iPad over Wi-Fi without having to sync with iTunes.
      I used to use Air Video but the service fails to start now for some reason. Un-install, reinstall it starts but on reboots it fails.
      Boxee for iPad was disappointing. Have not tried Orb yet.
      I thought I would throw it out there to you guys and see what you use.
      Orb, PolKast, ZumoCast, Air Video. iOS, Android, WebOS, whatever. Stream, transfer, watch live.
    • Greg Welch
      By Greg Welch
      Ok try and help me solve this one guys and gals ?
      1. I record my tv shows on my HTPC (the o.s. is on ocz vertex 2 -50 and Tv recordings land on a 500 gig hardrive till moved to server folder at midnight) streams back Fantastic!!!!
      ok now, all shows are moved to whs 2011 recorded tv folder. how do you guys automate the move of tv series shows that you want added to the tv servies view?
      2.Has anyone been able to get commercial skipping to work on vm and to stream to HTPC (using Andys DVRMST and Dragon Show Analyser)
      i have not,
      my thoughts now are to use the same programs to actually cut the commercials, that way you are streaming a recompiled tv show. but if settings arent
      perfect you cut into your show, and i'm not even lucky enough to have the skipping work any better that ok
      (ok this how i have it setup, DVRMST and Analyser are in a W7 VM looking at the WHS 2011 Recorded tv folder the information generated from the show analyser is in
      the folder as i set it up to be but the htpc basicaly only streams the original show not seeing the analyzation) wow hope that made sense?
      O.K. a few caviots. 1. ALL media to be stored on server , no local content
      2. i do not want to convert WTV to anything unless its automated
      3. How do you have yours setup ?
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