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Venue Pro 8 2 Weeks Later


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Been spending 2 weeks getting used to to windows 8, vs my laptop running windows 7.


I find 8.1 awesome, I have mastered most of the gestures and swiping and am happily productive. Even the mini desktop apps work ok, as I have small hands, gorilla mitts need not apply. Put tight vnc on to do some serious mouse work from my laptop but have rarely used it.




Xbox music running when tablet is in my bag and I am listening to headphones, works great but whats the deal on the 10 seconds between songs, not so when the screen is on.


Can I control the lock of my session so I can stop the music without getting the tablet out and typing my password? Cannot find any settings for that sort of thing.


Caanot really fault much else, solid, no crashes, hardware is fantastic.


They will sell a lot of these. Now I want a case and a small keyboard for business trips. I could see enterprise buying in once lte mobile option is available, these would make great phablets


Not missing any apps most are pure crap anyways.


Next up my new Nokia 520, shoukd be here any day, and then on to programming for tiled interface.

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I agree with much that you have said although I haven't had the problem of 10 second delays between songs when using it on the treadmill.  I can't say I have done it that often -- more often watching a movie.

The Bluetooth implementation works really well -- much better than in my phone, where I will have weirdness with syncing and staying connected.

The only weirdness I have had is with BIOS updates occasionally failing the first time but working the second time.  It will blackscreen the device, forcing a hard shut off, and the startup recovery fixing the issue the next time. 

My thoughts on apps is I am actually missing the richer app environment of Windows Phone.  The Windows 8 tablet market is more immature (at least with Metro App store) obviously than Windows Phone, but I was looking for things like connectivity tile apps or battery apps.  I can understand why RT and Phone have a better market (sole-place to get new apps), but for 8.1 to become the next phablet for the masses, the app market will need to increase.  The good news is the app number continues to grow for consumption apps -- like Flipboard.  A good keyboard app like Swype or SwiftKey would be appreciated too. 

With enterprise VPN support, this is the ultimate meeting/support the office machine. 

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