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Surface Rt + Touch Keyboard At Micro Center $179 (In-Store)

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Surface RT + Touch Keyboard for only $179 -- http://www.wpcentral.com/deal-alert-surface-rt-keyboard


Head on over to your local Micro Center and you’ll be walking away with a Surface and Touch Keyboard all for the reasonable price of $179.99. If you haven’t heard, Windows 8.1 doesn’t just install the latest version of Windows on the Surface, it also installs a new lease on life. Performance goes up considerably when you the RT version of Windows 8.1 on the Surface. The keyboard you’re getting is the touch variant, but can be pretty useful for quick emails and messaging.


Now it is already OOS according to the comments.  They say they are doing the same special for Black Friday as well for those with MC nearby -- instore only bundle.  This deal didn't last long today, but it is good to see it is coming back for BF.


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      Surface with Windows RT, 32 GB: $499
      Surface with Windows RT, 32 GB with Black Touch Cover: $599
      Surface with Windows RT, 64 GB with Black Touch Cover: $699
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      Appears that all the models now have been sold out.

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      Some are getting emails stating that their Surface RT tablets have already shipped. WPCentral wrote an article on this today. Although, I have received mine and my account still shows it as "in process". Anyone else get an email?
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      The surface has a nice 16:9 screen ideal for watching movies. I plan on using Hulu, Netflix, Xbox video, YouTube, etc for a lot of video on my surface. That being said, we'll also want to take some of our own content. Let's start discussing encoding the best video for the device.
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