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Anyone Using Usb Audio?


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I've connected a NuForce uDAC-2 to my Surface 2 for USB Audio.  Even though NuForce, like other DAC makers, has a "making no promises" attitude towards RT, any DAC that is designed to work with the default Windows USB audio driver (usually more entry level models) should work OK - at least in theory.


My setup works quite well for the most part but I find the audio stream is a little glitchy, especially when I am browsing with Internet Explorer while listening.  I'm not sure if this is a performance issue or some system software issue waiting to be resolved but I hope it's the latter. 


Anyway, I'm just wondering what other experiences users are having with USB audio on the Surface 2.  I am thinking of upgrading from the uDAC-2 to the Schiit Modi/Magni combo and would like to hear some feedback before spending $200 more on this project.



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Right after we got the Surface 2 I hooked up a UBB Audio-Technica ATR 2100 to it via the one USB port.  It powered the mic and it sounded great!  Even could hear my audio back with earbuds attached to the back of the 2100.  


Now if we could only get Google Hangouts to work...

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