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The 2520


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I can speak to the Lenovo Miix 2 8 and the Dell Venue Pro 8. Each are highly portable, fast and have decent battery life. A coworker is supporting my team remotely this weekend using the Dell. He was able to install a VPN client and other software he needs to do his job. I found the Lenovo handy for using the stock Mail client. However, I am not sure how productive one can be on an 8" screen.


I personally feel a 10" class device is better suited toward productivity. Also, having a 1080p resolutions means more video content plays back without black bars. This to me is one of the greatest advantages over the iPad. Sometimes half the screen can be wasted space on those things. Every video app looks stunning on the Lumia 2520. Although Surface 2 had a decent screen, Nokia really did something special with the 2520 panel. Also, Office looks and IMO functions better on this size screen. The Surface 2 has a larger screen, but I feel is almost unusable in portrait orientation. I feel fairly comfortable reading my Kindle books in portrait mode with the 2520.


I don't think you can go wrong with an 8" Baytrail or 10" RT device. But the Atom will offer far great app support, and in some cases is faster. However, having one of the best screens, feeling comfortable in one or two hands, and carrying LTE on board really makes the 2520 stand out for me.


I am still not done reviewing the Lumia 2520, btu I hope to have something up before the holiday.

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