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Was Your Winre Partition Wiped When Upgrading To Windows 8.1?


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Recently on my Surface pro I had disabled bitlocker and am now trying to re-enable it and am getting an error stating that the system does not have a WinRE environment suitable for bitlocker.   Sure enough, on inspection of the WinRE partition it's now 100% free and completely empty.  I checked my backups on the home server and it looks like the last time there was content was the day before we upgraded to Windows 8.1.


Thankfully I discovered this now as had I had a real emergency later I would not have been able to unlock my drive if the system became unbootable without booting from an external setup disk with a WinRE that supports bitlocker.  I'm also hearing that some users who've upgraded to 8.1 are unable to perform system refreshes either, again due to the missing WinRE environment on these upgrade machines   Just curious if anyone else has seen this behavior?


You can see the current WinRE status on you system running:

reagentc /info





My current fix for this is to do the following:

set recovery partition letter in diskpart (I picked Q)
Robocopy.exe C:\Windows\System32\Recovery\ Q:\Recovery\WindowsRE\ Winre.wim /copyall /dcopy:t
reagentc /setreimage /path Q:\Recovery\WindowsRE
reagentc /enable
go back in disk part and remove the drive letter set before


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