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Can Someone With A Surface Pro 2 Gather Some Info On Thier System For Me?


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Just wondering if someone with the Surface Pro 2 can report the initial partition sizes used in the system image on the Surface Pro 2 is as well as how much the WinRE partition (partion 0) is used out of the box?   I'm trying to see if Microsoft fixed the errors they made in deploying the Surface 1 that was causing issues with imaged based backups (Home server, server essentials, etc) due to them making the recovery partition too small.     We had to perform a workaround when deploying those systems to increase the size of the recovery partition in the system image definition and just wondering if we need to do the same on Surface Pro 2.


Thanks in advance.



The best way to do this is simply run diskpart in a command prompt

select disk 0

list partitions



The free space of the WinRE partition can of course be seen in the Disk Manager

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Also, if anyone with a Surface Pro 2 would be willing to share the contents of this file from the system image partition:




Thanks again

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