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Missing Data In My Excel File, But Yesterday It Was There.....


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So I have been working on this Excel sheet for around 200 hours now. For the past three days I put in 36 hours in it.


Last night before going to a friend's house I saved all my work, and even saved it to Skydrive and Dropbox.  But since the new 8.1 update, dropbox is not uploading anymore.  Well, I go to open the file this morning and my work for the past three days is not in the Excel sheet.  The file is still there so I can open it, but the pat three days of data is gone.


SO I look at all the dates of modifications to the files on my C drive and Skydrive, they all say November the 14th!!!!????  Yesterday was the 18th, today the 19th.  I am in China, so my days are a little different than yours.


Yesterday I opened the file and all the work was there for the past two days, today the past three days are gone.  How does that happen?






P.S.  Just to add, I didn't make any changes to my computer.  Two days ago there was an update.  My internet Explorer is acting really weird.  Youtube freezes the whole page a lot.  I thought it was China, because I am using a VPN.  Nothing else was changed.

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I can't find where to edit my post so I will reply to it!


I also should not, Excel has been freezing ALOT lately since a couple updates ago.  Hard freezes that are unable to recover from and I have to force close using Task Manager.

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