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Check Out Sean Ong's Surface 2 Video


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Here is a really impressive video that shows off the power of the Surface 2. Sean really exploits the capabilities of the Surface 2 in an amazing way. And even demonstrates some genuine tricks that would not be possible on an iPad. 
Note that at the end of the video, he even shows the iCloud interface, demonstrating that iCloud features, including iWork apps, can be run from the Surface 2.
I think the Microsoft marketing department should take note of users like Sean who are doing some creative things with the Surface.
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Really nice to have a cheerleader for Surface and Windows RT.  And not only that, but one who really makes everything simple to understand and hypes you up for the device and what you can do with it.  It's like something I heard about live drama, "You don't say how awesome a character is, you show how awesome a character is".

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What a great video giving examples of some of the features of Surface 2. I presume you can do most of this with the Surface RT. I'm sure somethings like video playback and gameplay at the same time won't work as well but, this is a great example of things you can do to:


  • Multitasking
  • Xbox Glass
  • voice commands

Great stuff! I knew some of the things but I hadn't made the leap for a few of them. Perhaps my XBox 360 might make it back to the living room now that we have an XBox 1 for the kids.

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