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Windows 8.1 Mail App - Contact Last Names


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I've updated my pro to 8.1. In doing so, the mail app (which I like much better) is calling out the last name of the wrong contact. It does this with a lot of my contacts in the mail app. 


For example, the app shows my last name as "Heinrich"...which it is not. My first name is David. That is also the first name of Mr. Heinrich...David Heinrich. But the app is associating the wrong last name with the first name. It's as if the App is picking the first David in all "David" Contacts I have. Weird.


Everything in Outlook, Contacts, and on Web Outlook Access shows up correct. In other words, I think the exchange server is working just fine.  


I haven't had much luck with Google on this issue. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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