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Any New Wp8 Phones Coming To Verizon?


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My wife is due for a new phone, I think I have her talked into a WP8 phone

I had held off on getting the phone until after the big announcements on Tuesday.

It does not sound like Verizon will be getting anything new soon. Lumia 929 at 5" is too big.

Is Verizon getting anything new soon? 

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A reputable source over at WPCentral posted this about Verizon.



Verizon is getting the 929, a 5"ish version of the 1520 with microSD expansion, 20MP camera, quadcore Snapdragon, and 1080p screen. I believe the 928 will remain and the 525 will be launched as Verizon's version of the 520 series. That one will be an inexpensive phone on or off contract at $150 or less. Difference between it and the 520 and 521 is that it is CDMA and it has a LTE radio, from what I hear.

Also hearing the ATIV S Neo may not only be expanding to AT&T, but may also be coming to Verizon. Hearing the same for the HTC 8XT. Believe VZW may pull the HTC 8X in favor of the 8XT (they love the expandability of the 8XT), will keep the ATIV Odyssey (it has actually sold well), and will expand it's Nokia lineup to three phones.

It's not Gospel yet, but I'm hearing that the Windows Phone lineup for Verizon going into Christmas season will be:

Samsung ATIV S Neo (Think it will be $99 on contract)
Samsung ATIV Odyssey (free on contract)
HTC 8XT (with leftovers of the 8X out there too until inventory is gone - probably around $50 on contract, but might be $99)
Nokia Lumia 525 (Imagine the 520/21 with LTE and CDMA as an unlocked global phone for $150 or less)
Nokia Lumia 928 (expect it to stay at $100 or lower with 2 year contract).
Nokia Lumia 929 (think it will be $199 with two year contract).

Expect a 1080p version of the 1020 with other enhancements around Easter time. That phone actually might be a 1020 with a 5.5" to 6" display, 1080p, and microSD.
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