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Surface Rt Compatible Docking Stations


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Hi all,


I was just wondering if anyone with a Surface RT or Surface 2 had tried any docking stations to see if they work? I was looking at this docking station in particular: 




I am eagerly awaiting a Surface Pro 2 today and obviously the deficit of a docking station will be felt straight away. My other half currently has an aging IBM Thinkpad; and given her use cases I was thinking of picking her up a Surface RT on the cheap. Ideally I'd like a docking station that supports both (Yes, I'm aware the Surface RT doesn't have USB 3.0).


Anyone fancy giving it a go? :)



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We have been using the Belkins at work.

Belkin USB 3.0 Dual Video Docking Stand for Windows 8 Tablets

We have about 5 of these and all are using a surface pro, with 8.1. Each is connected to 2 24 LED monitors.  They work great.

We have not tried any other docking stations



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