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Nokia And Windows Phone On Display At Walmart Wireless


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I wandered into a Walmart Wireless the other day just to see what they were up to.  They had a Live Demo unit of the Lumia 521 on display and it looked nice.


I asked if they had the Lumia 1020 and he showed me a non-functioning mock unit.  He said they had a live unit but the security fixture broke.  Then, unprompted, the employee started telling me about how great of a camera it had.  We were at the front of the Walmart, and he had me look all the way to the back wall of the store.  I could tell that it was a sign listing the prices of the photo department, but I couldn't make out the characters.  He said that if you got a good shot with the Lumia 1020 the prices would be legible after you zoomed in.



Overall, it was good to see the products on display, and that employees are taking notice of the quality.

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Surprising. The WalMart in my town has an 822 on display, but labeled as 928. I brought it to their attention, but they did not care. They also have an 800 listed as 920.

Both displays have been incorrect for over a month now.


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