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Lack Of Support For Google Ecosystem On Wp8


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The only concern I have with WP8 is the lack of support for Google + and Hangouts,,,,,,,,

As I follow this issue I do believe Google is the bad guy. 

There is a Google+ app for iOS and Android written by Google. When Microsoft tries to write a YouTube app it is blocked. In the end this behavior hurts the consumer.

I believe it was 1990 when Microsoft introduced OLE and DDE in Windows. Shortly after, they released an office package that took advantage of the technology. A few weeks after that Lotus sued over unfair business practice. The court ruled in favor of Lotus. Microsoft's OS operations and their Office operation could not keep secrets from other manufacturers of office suites. Microsoft's OS group had to work with Lotus and show them how OLE and DDE worked, so they could use the technology in their product as well. I know the analogy is not a perfect fit, but I think Google is treading on some thin ice. I think we perceive that Microsoft's different divisions don't work well with each other, but maybe that is by design. Microsoft continues to offer software for multiple platforms. Today I use a mixture of Android and Windows devices. I need them to work together. If I have to standardize on one, Google will loose. 

What do you think would happen if Microsoft did something to Windows 8.1 that made Chrome unable to run on it?

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