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Does The Surface Pro Have Enough Ram Memory?


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Hello current Surface Pro users,


Does your Surface Pro have enough memory installed to do its tasks?  Does it ever seem to lag due to lack of memory?  If so what types of tasks were you doing?


Thank you.

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4 GB is plenty for most tasks, but I upgraded to 8 GB with my Surface Pro 2 order. The only lag I've experienced is working with 11x17 600 dpi files in Manga Studio. The lag occurs at file saving time.

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I presume that both the Surface Pro and Pro 2 have a single DIMM slot? Also, the memory is likely soldered on :(


I just sold my RT and my Lenovo X220 tablet to consolidate down to one device. The biggest problem I have is that the Lenovo X220 had 16GB RAM that I used for Virtual Machines for work. I'm going to really miss that extra head room and will have to either fudge things into working or come up with another idea.


I stayed away from the original Pro, purely because 4GB wasn't anywhere near enough.


There are more than enough positives to outweigh this (Major) downside though.



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How important is the Surface Pro's Wacom digitizer to you? If it's not that big a deal, you may want to look at Sony's upcoming Vaio Flip lines. The 15A includes an N-Trig stylus, which has 256 levels of pressure, but otherwise it's vastly superior spec-wise to the Surface Pro 2. http://store.sony.com/vaio-fit-15a-flip-pc-zid27-SVF15N18PXB/cat-27-catid-All-Ultrabook-Flip 


That link is for the super hi-res screen. There's also 1920x1080 model that is less expensive.

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Thanks for the link. The Wacom is pretty important, but more important really is the form factor. I want to get away from a PC/flip-type device and either the Venue Pro 11 or the Surface Pro 2 really fit the bill.


I spend a lot of time in datacentres where often there isn't anywhere to put a PC, so a tablet was spot on (As light weight as I can get) - but I didn't want to compromise on specifications by going for an Atom-based device, and wanted to have one device only (So no laptop + tablet anymore). Also, a docking station option is a must (I intend on buying two or three!)


I probably should have mentioned, that I ordered my Surface Pro 2 a couple of days ago :)

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4GB is plenty for most, you may need to curb multitasking and open programs when using bigger resource intensive creation programs, but that's a given being the nature of the beast of what the Surface is.

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