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Confused About Calibration


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I've seen many articles about calibration at different levels (4 point, 100 point, 273 point etc). I have yet to perform a calibration for a couple of reasons, however, I'd like to know the best calibration to do for an artist wanting to use the tablet for digital art, 3D animation, photoshop, etc.. An issue that I've seen recently in forums as that apparently you don't want to use devicekind=pen when doing a calibration. I'm not really familiar with what this is yet, but thought I'd mention it anyway. I'll do more research on that tonight. I'd like some advice on calibration from someone who uses the tablet as an artist. This brings me to something else I might mention..


I am a traditional artist but I have yet to really jump into the digital world. Fear has held me back. I bought a Surface Pro to help motivate me into that realm. You can see some things I've done at my personal site (www.spacemanjupiter.com), a very simple site. Any advice to help an old school artist to really transition into things like digital painting, 3D modeling/texturing/animation, photoshop editing, web design, etc, would be greatly valued.


I'm 38 and tired of working in warehouses, factories and tech support jobs. I want a career, as an artist. I believe it's what I'm made for. Sometimes it's difficult to know how to start the ball rolling in beginning such a thing.

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Calibration shouldn't feel scary; it can easily be undone if you don't like the results. It also may not be necessary if you're happy with the way your pen tip and cursor are aligning.


After updating your Surface Pro to Windows 8.1, I recommend you download the Wacom Feel IT drivers, which enable pressure sensitivity in Photoshop, Painter and other applications. I also strongly recommend Manga Studio 5, Sketchbook Pro 6 or ArtRage 4, all of which offer a better drawing experience on the tablet's small screen.


I'm not a traditional artist by any means. I'm a tech enthusiast who has dabbled with 3d for a very long time. I started SurfaceProArtist.com after seeing that it was going to be very difficult to find art-specific news, tips and reviews for the Surface Pro. The site has grown ten-fold since I launched it in March and the community of Surface Pro artists there and on Twitter is a terrific resource.


Please stop by and feel free to leave comments there or ask questions here or on the Twitter feed (@surfaceproart) and I'm sure we can help ease you into the digital world!


By the way, your pencil work is amazing! 

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