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Call Blocking On Windows Phone

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Is anyone aware of App(s) available for call Blocking on Windows Phones?


I have read that Nokia is pushing it out as an update but that carriers (like AT&T wireless) have been slow (I'm shocked) in adopting it http://betanews.com/2013/08/09/nokia-adds-call-and-sms-blocking-to-part-of-its-lumia-windows-phone-8-lineup/


iOS 7 has call blocking now http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2013/09/iphone-call-block-faq/ so I was hoping that Windows would have it one way or the other.

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okay, this sent me through a loop. But I got the answer! Apparently GDR2 does not have this feature, instead it is a feature from Amber Update, the firmware update that went into Nokia Phones. The p

If you're looking at your call history, just press and hold on the number you want to block.

In the settings on your phone you can view all blocked numbers.


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If you scroll all the way down in settings, do you see "Call+SMS filter"?

See attached image for reference.



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If you scroll all the way down in settings, do you see "Call+SMS filter"?

See attached image for reference.



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Does this also work on the Nokia 520?

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Apparently, AT&T in Springfield Illinois doesn't have any of the Windows or Nokia updates -- was just at their main store and none of their Nokia's & Win8 phones had the blocking feature and they had no idea when it would be available -- They didn't even know what I was talking about so I showed them this thread and your screen pic but it was no use.  *#($&@  I was ready to buy!


Now, their iOS7 phones have it -- they could show me that.


Have to think about this.

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