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Surface 2 And 50Gb Of Pictures On My Pc


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My opinion is backup your photos to an external source (harddrive, flashdrive, microSD) and copy them to Skydrive. Let the Surface 2 use Skydrive and keep the photos off the Surfaces' memory.


If you're wanting to use some of the photo's for backgrounds, copy those photos to the Surface.


I just got back from a trip to Hawaii. With the concern about what to do if our digital cameras filled up while taking photos and videos, I purchased a Sansdisk 64gb microSD card before our trip. Every night I would import videos from my Sony Bloggie and my Samsung point and shoot cameras to my Surface RT. The process was easy and I impressed my wife and we watched slideshows of all the things we did each and every day. Also, my Nokia 920 would upload the photos I took with it into skydrive. So, once we finished watching the pictures imported from the cameras, we would look at the photos on skydrive. It was really wonderful and painless.  The few we wanted to share while away from home were easily uploaded to facebook.

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Update - I bought the 64GB Surface 2.  With 2 adults and three elementary school kids using it there is now 42GB of space used.


If I check the properties of my user account I have 178GB of space used and 10.4GB on disk

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